Mincraft Live – A walkthru guide and resource

Right now you can download minecraft 2 on our website or play minecraft 2 online . The Minecraft online game developed by Marcus Persson has become one of the most sought-after and popular sandbox games with elements of survival. The world of the game minecraft consists of different blocks, objects, landscapes, mobs, the texture has a low resolution. Created in just one week and released initially on the forums, Minecraft became popular very soon. This led to the creation of a separate forum dedicated to her and the IRC channel, and then the official release of the game took place in November 2011, and in the spring of 2013 there was an update.

Minecraft online game modes

Surprising in this game is the fact that the player chooses what he wants to do. There are only three modes in Minecraft: Creative, Hardcore and Survival – Creative, Hardcore and Survival, respectively. In creative mode, minecraft online or as it is simply called – creative, you don’t need to buy the game, all the action takes place right in the browser. The very name of this mode speaks about its essence – it is an opportunity to create using your imagination. It differs from other modes in that the player does not die here (the exception is the fall into the Void and the “kill” command), you can fly here, and you can use all the blocks without restrictions, as well as break them. If you like to create something, then minecraft will be interesting for you to download.and try to channel your creative energy in the world of minecraft. You can also play minecraft online without spending any effort to download.

In the “Survival” mode as well as in other modes of minecraft online, the main goal is construction, but besides this, there will be many obstacles in the way of the player. You will need to monitor the scale of hunger and health, for available equipment. Not all blocks will be at your disposal, some will need to be mined initially. Also, the player can “craft” items. In this mode, it will be necessary not only to build, but also to survive in harsh conditions, extracting not only building elements, but also food. The day in “Survival” is very short and lasts only ten minutes. As soon as the sun disappears over the horizon, the player is trapped by many dangers – for example, various monsters. You can change the difficulty level of the game by switching it to “peaceful.”

In any case, on the first day of the game minecraft online you must at least build yourself a place to live. When your character dies, his rebirth occurs at the overnight where he slept for the last time. All those items that the player has acquired before the death will be available within five minutes after the revival, and then disappear, you will need to have time to collect them. If you like these conditions, then you need to choose this mode. Now many people love playing online browser games, with some opting to gamble for skins, play in-game poker for bitcoin or just logon and play minecraft online right on our website and feel yourself in the role of Robinson Crusoe, who needs to build a home, get food and try to protect themselves from the creatures that live with him on the island.


In the “Hardcore” mode, the player will also have to survive, but at the same time he will have only one reserve of lives. When a player dies, the whole world built by him disappears. And it’s also impossible to change the difficulty level, that is, you need to be able to use one chance given to your character. This mode is not for wimps. If you do not rank yourself to them, you need minecraft to download and show everything you are capable of!

Worlds minecraft

There are four different types of worlds in this game: Normal, Superplane, Large Biomes and Advanced. In the usual type of simulated surface of the earth, there are different heights, lowlands, dungeons, mountains and so on. In the Superplane type of the world, there are layered layers, biomes, and structures. In large biomes, these biomes themselves are enlarged in size, and in the extended one there is the most maximum height of mountains.

Minecraft Mobs 2

There are also mobs in which players gain experience and resources. There are five types of mobs. These are friendlier, hostile, tamed, crafted and neutral mobs. All of them are in a certain radius from the player and this is different from the mobs of most other games. To prevent the mob from disappearing, the player should not leave too far from it. This situation is aimed at improving the performance of the game. Periodically, new mobs will appear in the player’s field (at some distance). Monsters appear in places where there is little or no light at all. There are spiders that do not pose any danger during the day, but attack at night. Iron golems (another kind of mobs) are created by the player himself or can be generated in villages. However, if you cause damage to the village in which the golem is located, then it can start attacking you. You canminecraft download to your computer, explore the possibilities available in the game and create your own unique world.

About “Red Stone” – redstone

In order to create interactive structures, the “Red Stone” or “Redstone” appeared in the game. It can be mined from ore, and with its help to create schemes. Another redstone player can find in the treasury. Your character will be able to realize different logical elements thanks to the red stone. Theoretically, almost any digital circuit can be created using the logical values ​​“not”, “and”, “or”. In the Redstone update version, there were also other items, such as: feed hopper, ejector, tension sensor, chest with trap, solar panel, redstone unit and others.

Minecraft Game Items 2

Items in Minecraft online are divided into the following categories: materials, tools, food, armor and scenery.

Minecraft online materials include items that a player uses to craft blocks that do not exist in nature. These include the following types: kraft, mining, smelting ore.

Tools are those items with which the player can interact with the environment (the main tool is a pickaxe, which is used for processing stone and stone blocks, another example is a bucket, used as in ordinary life to transport liquid materials).

Food is required for the player to survive in the world of minecraft (it could be pork, beef, etc.). The player can get food if he kills a mob of animal origin,

such as a chicken, a cow, or a pig. You can go fishing and fishing in lakes, seas, oceans. But that’s not all. In order not to risk poisoning, your character will need to fry it before eating. If you kill a zombie, you will fall rotten flesh, it is impossible to fry. Therefore, a player who had the negligence to live on this flesh, can get the effect of hunger (and the probability of this is quite high – up to 80 percent, for comparison, when eating raw chicken, this probability is only 20 percent). Another option to get food for food is to grow it.

Armor or armor protects the player from various damage, not including choking (if the character is under water for a long time), lava, falling into the void and fire. There are armor from different materials – iron, leather, gold, diamonds, chain mail armor. All possible armors make up a complete set of protection and consist of a cuirass, boots, leggings and a helmet.

The scenery has no practical value, serving only as a backdrop to the environment.

Minecraft Measurements

In addition to worlds and modes in minecraft online, there are three different dimensions. Today you can download torrent minecraft on our website and turn the hours of your leisure time into creation and survival in the virtual world of the game, plunging into different dimensions. In the ordinary world, the main number of quests is concentrated and here there is a large part of animals, mobs and other creatures. Here you will see caves, seas and lakes, villages, forest and desert, mountain and lowland biomes. Under the ground there are abandoned fortresses, mines and Portal Edge.

The lower world resembles hell, you can get into it if you build a special portal. There is a lot of lava, and the blocks are made of hellish stone. There are not so many entities. There are five of them. Gastas fly and look like huge octopuses. Skeleton desiccants are black in color. Pigs are walking in groups, in appearance they are zombies with a pig skin. Efreet and lava slugs, creatures that burn and shoot balls of fire. In this world Hell Fortresses are also being created.

Ender world or Edge is a heavenly island. Here live the Land of Wanderers and the Dragon – the main character of the game.

To play minecraft online will be for you the most convenient way. Just start the game – and you will not be able to stop!


Other features of the game minecraft

There are minecraft and additional features in the game: potions cooking and enchantment. A player can get a potion through land use. It has a specific effect on mobs and minecraft players online. To brew a potion a player needs to have a flask of water and special ingredients. There are potions that explode. They can be used as a weapon. To get a potion that explodes, you just need to add its composition gunpowder. Exploding potion can be run from the dispenser. The effect of the potion extends to both active and neutral mobs. Potions can have a negative and positive effect. Negative potion is used against enemies. A positive potion helps in the healing of tamed cattle.


Another additional option is enchantment. Under it imply enchanting tools, weapons, books, armor, after which the object acquires special properties. But in order to be able to cast a spell, the player must have sufficient experience for a particular spell and table of magic. And in order to get higher power spells, there must be a bookcase with spell books next to the table. The player spell will cost a couple of levels of experience, but in return he will be able to make armor and other items more powerful. Such properties in ordinary items of other players will not. The appearance of enchanted items is also more attractive.

Playing minecraft online you can build all kinds of buildings, houses, expand your own buildings, using the minerals that are under the ground and all the items you have accumulated. The world of minecraft is very diverse and full of surprises. It will be interesting for players to immerse themselves in the world of creation, survival and creation of their own habitat, using a huge variety of levels, modes and other features of this amazing game! Successes in your endeavors!